The basics about industrial air ventilation systems and its importance

Before you invest money in purchasing an industrial ventilation systems, it’s important to invest some time in learning the basics so you can figure out what type you need and your price range. Having a basic know-how about compressors would eventually help you choose the most useful and cost-effective option according to your requirements.

industrial ventilation systemsIf you are planning to install industrial ventilation system in your factory using Clean Air Environmental, considering how to select the right one is not only important for you but also your staff. One of the first steps towards purchasing air compressors is to determine whether it will be utilised for personal/residential or professional purposes; as home purposes require lower specifications and come in a cheaper price range. Mostly, these types of air vent systems are used in the kitchen to prevent families from breathing in harmful chemicals.

Every compressor is congruent for particular physical locations in relation to noise levels, other surrounding equipment, ventilation and also the space around it for maintenance procedures. So, make the right choice, after all you don’t want to end up hindering your peace by placing a noisy compressor in your house!

The next step is to gather vital information for the following technical questions: –

1) How much Standard Cubic Feet per Minute do you need to operate your equipment? This unit determines the amount of horsepower you require.

2) What are the required Pounds per Square Inch? PSI must be exceeded by the compressor discharge pressure in order to make sure the purchased compressor provides adequate air needed by your all equipment successfully.

3) What is a ‘duty cycle’?

In simple terms, duty cycle refers to the percentage of time a compressor is designed to operate before it needs some rest. For example, the duty cycle of reciprocating compressors is usually 75%; therefore, it runs for an estimated 45 minutes in an hour and rests for about 15 minutes in total.

4) What are the Electrical requirements?

Having a qualified electrician to review compressors before purchase is highly recommended especially if you lack knowledge about electrical aspects. You must also be aware whether voltage, ampere or phase is available in your location to run equipment.

5) Which one fits your requirement appropriately, an oil-free compressor or a lubricated air compressor? You must make a careful choice as this relates to risk and cost factors with contamination and maintenance issues.

6) Which air-class does your requirement fall into?

Choose an air-class of the compressor from options like plant-air, instrument-air, process-air and breathing-air. Ask the seller to help you while you make a purchase.

There are several types of air compressor to choose from, the two most popular types being reciprocating air compressors and rotary screw air compressors, in order to suit your needs accordingly. Chief factors to be considered while purchasing a compressor are its reliability, cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness and easy maintenance.

To summarise it, all you have to do is understand your equipment needs, gather adequate information and knowledge about compressors, their brands and manufacturers and make a smart final choice.

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